PARKTRONIC® Sound upgrade From C$50.00


All Mercedes vehicles come with a limited PARKTRONIC sound warning which makes a noise only at the last, red bar, when the obstacle is in a close proximity. Once coded, sound warning will raise a volume with each yell0w segment and get to a maximum when you are too close to an obstacle.  

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  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Execution time once adapter is connected: 15 mins


OBD Adapter is a special device required to upload codings to your vehicle. It is shipped only once, when you purchase your first coding(s) and can be reused indefinitely. If you would like to order multiple codings for the first time, select "No" in one of coding products added to your cart and "yes" in all the rest.

Connecting adapter and setting up a connection with our specialist is quite easy and only takes minutes, however we will send a short and detailed instruction with your first coding-related purchase.