COMAND Online NTG 5s1

The ultimate COMAND. The last one of the passing generation, perfectly designed to be fitted in new any ML / GLE / GL / GLS and bring the greatest game changer – Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The design is perfected, functionality – maximized. This is the final solution of the past design philosophy. CarPlay/Android Auto brings a new level of navigation with Google Maps and Waze apps, creating a unity between your phone and your Mercedes. Phone calls, music, even text messages, and voice assistants, all in. Driving becomes truly “handsfree”. Finally, with convenience.

Starts at $2,800

  • Apple CarPlay / Android Auto
  • High-Speed Internet via WLAN hotspot
  • Highest screen resolution ever implemented
  • New intuitive user interface
  • Mirror Link
  • Music and Telephony via Bluetooth
  • Navigation with 3D Maps
  • Mercedes Apps
  • SD Card slot
Contact Phone

+1 (647) 802-1922

+1 (647) 745-7004


Unit 1, 5 Kodiak Crescent Toronto, Ontario M3J 3E5

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